Augusta Health and Anthem

Parents of Children with Anthem health insurance:

You may have heard that Augusta Health is at an impasse in contract negotiations with Anthem. We want to reassure you that Valley Pediatric Group is not involved with this in any way. We will continue to participate with Anthem even if Augusta Health does not. We are a private practice and have no business relationship with Augusta Health. As such, we have a separate contract with Anthem.

Although Valley Pediatric Group will continue to be a participating provider with Anthem you may still be affected by the lack of coverage for ancillary services that we historically have ordered through Augusta Health. This would include things like laboratory or radiology studies. In the event that Augusta Health ceases to participate with Anthem, we will help you identify providers of those services who continue to participate with Anthem. Although it may be less convenient and may entail travel to Charlottesville or Harrisonburg we feel confident that we will be able to help you obtain those services within your insurance plan.

We still hold out hope that Augusta Health and Anthem will work out a mutually agreeable solution to this impasse but want you to rest assured that Valley Pediatric Group will continue to serve as an in-network Anthem provider.